August 8th, 2006

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08.08.06 - J&K Deli - American HoagieDear Ben,

I like sandwiches. A LOT. That’s why, just like my away message says, I eat them almost every single day, from places as far as six blocks from my place of business. Like this one right here. It’s an American Hoagie from J&K Deli on 20th and Green St. This place’s sandwiches (ie: on sliced bread) are pretty over priced, but I discovered today that their hoagies are almost exactly the same amount, but have way, way more meat in them. Also, the owner is asian and named Bruce (Bruce Lee! Hi-ya!) and told the woman in front of me that women with wet hair “should be protected” and are “sexy” and I think she was totally into it and said something about making sure she was “sprayed down” next time she came in. I don’t even remember what she was buying. All I know is it wasn’t a sandwich, so I wasn’t paying attention.

Up yours,