Technology and I Are Rocking Out!

August 13th, 2006

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Just needed to update you on the exciting morning I’m having.  True, I was just hanging out with you about two hours ago; and true, I somehow completely got my barrings reversed on the ride home, traversing oh, say, eighty percent of the distance home and then coming eighty percent of the way back.  (Doing the math that places my progress from Allysha’s at a mere sixteen percent… I think, my math-skillz have been off their game since I dropped out of school after the mutual decision between myself, my family, and the town of Bailsport.)

So anyway, I gobble up that like hour and forty-five minutes of sleep, wake up in a cold sweat after The Dream, frantically throw all necessary clothes and accoutrements into a paper grocery bag, grab a quick shower, and I’m heading out to Newark Airport in this car service that only uses hybrid cars.  I sit down and what is in front of me?  A laptop… with wireless.  Can I use my computer, I ask?  Of course you can, they well dressed Indian driver tells me.  And note:  not typically dressed for a driver, like he possibly was out scoring ladies and hasn’t been home… he looks goooood.  So here I am, listening to Dawn Chorus by Boards of Canada, blogging away, driving through Manhattan and now New Jersey feeling about as cool as ever.

That’s all for now since we’re almost there and I guess that’s when my luck runs out.  I’ll be back down by the BosWash Megalopolis on Friday.

-Mr. Shababo