Boy Howdy

August 14th, 2006

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I’m more happy than you’ll ever know to hear of your unteathered technological escapades. I myself am wireless now, but not in an injun taxi. Wait, did you mean Indian like from India? OLD SCHOOL.

I drove back from The Windy Apple in Jason’s buddy Carter’s Subaru. Not bad, except for the color. It was chroma-key blue, which I guess would be cool if somebody was filming us. They could have easily, in about 10 minutes in AE, turned it into me floating at 60 miles per, a disembodied upper torso with mirrored shades and a sunny disposition.

Then we ate cheesesteaks at a place in South Philly called “Steak ‘em up”. Sweet! You should have heard them answer the phones.

No pictures this post. I left most of my belongings in New York, including the camera’s docking equiptment. But I was reviewing some of it in-camera, and there’s some sweet action-cribbage footage. The primary action being me beating your sorry ass.