Satellites, the Milky Way, and Bioluminescent Plankton

August 17th, 2006

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Charlie Homeslice-

Interestingly enough, it was the Beatnik Box that brought us together; and well, I don’t think anything bad has come from that except an unstoppable girl-making-fainting, heartbreaking team that keeps coming at these kids with hot and fresh multimedia sweetness like every single day! Hmmm… if we can work that into a CA (Clever Acronym) then I think we found our company’s name. But yeah, here we are, these are our lives, take it or leave it if you please. And while you go on scary moonlit adventures in Philly, here’s an update from the coast of Maine:

Last night was insaaaane. As our day’s work drew to a close - editing a spot about a man having a showdown with a conscious rainstorm – my boss, myself, and our clients had a dinner of tuna, steak, zucchini boats, scalloped potatoes, and feta salad. A bottle of Syrah and a bottle of Merlot: the Syrah was cheap and acidic while the Merlot had a decent body and bouquet. (Don’t know if I mentioned my recent study into the cultured, high brow world of wines: it’s the most! ) After dinner the group, plus the rest of my boss’s fam headed to the water for a good-ole-fashioned campfire. The three daughters (or as I like to call them, the Little Umas, since they’re basically little Uma Thurmans running around) had forced Chris and Colin – two of the creatives from the agency – along with myself to wear “authentic? Indian headdresses, the feathers dyed every color of the Crayola Basic 8. And this time I do mean Injun.

Around the warm glow we traded wits and played games with the girls and took long exposure photographs of each other swinging these little rave-esque type lights. There was more wine and Ouzo to be passed along and drank straight from the bottle, which I assume the cowboys did in the days of the WWW (Wild, Wild, West). Grown men and women enjoying silly random things, and more than enjoying… embracing, alongside the Little Umas who seemed to be living it up and loving the attention in top form. They dubbed me with the Indian name Water Faller and the secret name - for special occasions only - Chief Unstable Water Man. After the s’mores, the L.U.’s headed to bed while the “adults? polished off the Greek nectar and laid in a row on the stone pier to take in the clear sky. Never before have I seen so many stars, and on top of that, the creamy nougaty center of our galaxy could be seen strong and true. We felt minute, insignificant, and lucky to exist. We cried and hugged and I think we were all about to kiss, but then, something as small and bright as a star glided smoothly through the constellations. What is that? What could move through the night sky like that? A satellite. And then there were more. Inconceivable! The satellites really made me happy… these man made objects, in space, protecting us and keeping us warm and carefree. The agency producer must have been smashed because she claimed that Vega, a bright summer star which is directly overhead from our latitude, was moving… the brightest satellite. But what was peculiar was that she didn’t claim it was moving smoothly and swiftly, but jumping around wildly and intermittently. “I don’t see it moving.? “Well it stopped… wait there it goes, it just jumped.? “It definitely is not moving.? “It stopped again!? She’s nice. Finally we took them back to Castine and rode back across the calm, black bay. “Look out the back into our wake,? ordered my boss. So I did, because he is the boss. “What is that?? Small glowing spheres shot out from under the boat. “It’s plankton. The movement triggers their bioluminescence.? “That is SO COOL.? We docked while the waning crescent moon reflected orange off the glassy water, and I went to sleep.

It’s morning now and my boss, his wife, and I sit on the screened-in porch, drinking various coffee drinks, reflecting on our lives and reading about the capture of JonBenet Ramsey’s murderer. Life is good.

-Friend-type-guy Shababo