Why do they build lighthouses?

September 5th, 2006

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Ben, do you want the answer?

To keep boats from crashing into them! THEY’RE SELF-FULFILLING! That’s the kind of business we need. We build it, and once it’s built, it must remain to stop disasters. Sort of like Raven from Snowcrash, seriously good book btw, and about eleventy gazillion times easier to get through than Giles Goat Boy.

So the first half of this was written looking out on the writhing black satin surface of the Atlantic. Now, though, I look out on my stupid jerk desk at work. Coffee rings in a couple spots, but not caaaarefully placed like the ones I did for this website. These are sloppy and actually random, not just faux random. But at least I’m listening to reaallly smooth music. I got every Steely Dan album from a single golden torrent the other day. Which leads me to a conversation I was having with Pete the other day about why there was such an explosion of creativity in England in the late 70s early 80s in the punk scene. I forget who he was interviewing, but they basically said that England was completely mind-numbingly boring at the time, so punk sprang out of that vacuum because there was a need to fill it with something. This is in pretty stark contrast to today, where if I’m even vaguely interested in a certain kind of music, I just download all of it, ever, along with album covers and the like, instantly, for free. How can I possibly synthesize all this information and create anything meaningful? Which is part of my reason for making Doctor Excitement so specifically a band about Science. As soon as I broaden it at all, there’s just way too much music I like to decide on anything. Maybe this is why we have theme parties? You’ve gotta take homogeny and limited, harmonious media where you can get it. Otherwise we’re just in this swirling tornado of CULTURE, if you can call it that. I can.

But driving to The Cape (smarm!) this weekend gave me plenty of time to think about things (and I actually got to NAP for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES ON THE HIGHWAY. Yeah, dead stop on 95 for an hour and a half because I guess a giant tree got blown down. Idiots.). I get a little sad when I hang out with my folks sometimes because I basically never see them. Also, I guess I’ve been living my life very differently from most of my family, who never really left Boston. It really sinks in when I hang out with my folks and aunts and uncles and then imagine them visiting my house in Brewery Town. They’d run screaming. Maybe I should too now that I think about it. I mean, you moved away from Philadelphia. You know my dilemma.

Interesting stuff about that personality test you took. My bosses wouldn’t be into that sort of thing. I bet if they took a personality test, you’d put it into a huge machine with steam whistles and conveyor belts and crap, and the machine would buck and bang and struggle, and it would just spit this out: