The End… pff!

September 6th, 2006

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Ever think you see a really cute girl sitting on a subway car as it speeds by, then you casually sprint to that car so you can creepily stare at her while pretending to read Mein Kampf, but when you get on it’s actually a guy or worse: a really ugly, misproportioned girl wearing Dolce & Gabbana? Yeah, me too… ALL THE TIME.

But, hombre, I’m with you on the whole lighthouse trip. People fiend the lighthouse. They name companies after the lighthouse. I really started thinking about the weight of it last night as I perused the adverts along the Clinton-Washington G-Stop. I passed an apocalyptic movie poster featuring a glimmering mushroom cloud and some hooligan, presumably high on spray mount fumes, etched the words “Iran 2007? by the ominous plume. Of course, as addict-hooligan-teenagers are prone, some second fellow came along and one-upped him writing “New York 2008.? How do I associate this vandalism and your lighthouse musings, you ponder: the desire for the all-inclusive End that our overly comfortable society craves. Like you said, we use self-fulfilling devices to prevent a problem which is created to justify the use of the preventitive devices themselves! So check this: People are bored, disinterested, and a desire to resign themselves to the “fact? that someday soon forces out of their control will destroy us all, whether it be fundamentalist-fueled nukes, global warming induced climate change, or armies of Ebola laden nano-bots tunneling up our urethras as we read Interview magazine totally unawares. They want to be scared, they want to have something to prevent, they want a reason to justify their bad moods and dissatisfaction.

So, to help me gather my thoughts about this, I held a tea-time discussion with my teddy bears Snugglepus and Button-Eyes. Snugglepus, a neo-con by nature felt that disseminating a feeling of impending doom keeps America on its toes, keeps people hungry, keeps them willing to sacrifice their lives for the off chance of saving the world. His stance did not surprise me, but Button-Eyes, my personal favorite and hence worn from years of closely cradling him during slumber, came out of left field with an uncharacteristic negative outlook. He felt that though the right-wing elite uses apocalyptic rhetoric to freeze our populace into inaction, he dismayed at “the irony of purposefully preaching Revelations as a tool of control and simultaneously employing foreign policy that will more than likely bring it upon us.? Why are my teddy bears so depressed? Why do they think the end is nigh? Why can’t they wake up early, tackle the day, and enjoy their lives… why can’t they wish the future was endless?

Charlie, let’s embrace the shit out our lives.