Space is the Place

September 11th, 2006

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Good morning Ben!

And a somber September 11th to you. Can you believe it’s been five years already? I can’t. Remember where you were? I don’t. I didn’t even know you then. It would be another 3 empty, pointless years before our paths would cross for that little movie I made. Fine, sorry, WE made.

It was a pretty sweet weekend. Spent Saturday just cleaning and doing laundry, because I was living in utter squalor. And I woke up to find that we’d launched a space shuttle that morning! That always makes my whole week. Knowing that we’re pushing out to the stars like that. And here we are, on September 11th, in SPACE! So brave of us. Hang on, my coffee is ready.

—- 5 minutes later —-

But a good weekend, and today was a little chilly. I always get a little delusional when it first starts getting cold because I’m actually happy about it. I think I equate “cold” to “cozy” somehow. Also, I’ll admit only to you, albeit in an intensely public space, that I get really excited about the clothes. Soon I’ll be able to wear tweed again! And, you know I’m comfortable in my body, but I’ve always had trouble dressing well in the summer time because I just can’t wear enough clothes. But now, when it gets cold, I can layer – which means I will have tons and tons of pockets, which is I guess what I’m getting at in the end. In the summer, looking good = tight pants, tight shirts, a.k.a. you’re carrying your cellphone in your hand all night and bumming drinks and smokes from the sailors at the bar.

This letter’s pretty all-over-the-place, Ben, so I’m sorry. Cars may not be able to destroy you, but I bet simple grammatical constructions are like your kryptonite. I hope your tiny brain can take this all in. Fumbling and frantic like a goat with a remote over every… single… word.

C. R. M. C. Hoey