I’ll Be Gone ‘Til November

September 12th, 2006

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First off: wtf with the C. R. M. C. Hoey? I spent all day filling a moleskin with possible answers. Captain to the Royal Magistrate Charles Hoey. Cleft-lip Red-haired Mangy Charles Hoey. Cool Reserved Mild-mannered Chuck Hoeybag. & cetera. After two hundred beautiful pages and eleven hours burned I decided that it probably stood for nothing and that you’re the type of guy to just start putting abbreviations and letters all around his name, like the time you signed that check to me as Rev. Dr. Lt. M. Charles. Q. W. E. R. T. Y. Hoey, M.D., Esq., Jr., Sr. XVII the III.

But yeah, man, it’s hard not to love the time when seasons are changing, that whole month (or due to climate change more like two days). The feeling that a new chapter is starting, that these months will surely outdo the previous, that below the equator someone received your box of summer clothes and in accordance with the plan will send you their heavy jackets. Typing of jackets, I busted out my brown corduroy blazer last night to get a slice of pizza from Luigi’s and let me tell you it was Fan-Tast-Ic. So stylish, so smooth, so intellectual, so perfectly dressed for the crisp fall air. Sigh. The first chilly mornings always remind me of standing outside Annenberg Hall before, after, or even during class, smoking a cigarette, chatting about how smart we all are and how stupid those damned professors are (except Warren Bass). Extra deep meaningful sigh.

Don’t know if I mentioned this, but I’m finally taking some time off of work… a whole week! This week! It’s sort of strategic since I’m editing a short film and could use the days free to work, and on top of that, I’ve just signed on to help create part of Andrew Zolli’s presentation at this year’s Pop!Tech Conference in Maine (yes, everything’s been about Maine recently). The short film should be fun, but the project with Andrew Zolli just makes me feel like really, really lucky. He’s one of the most influential thinkers (He’s a futurist.) among senior leaders and innovators at companies like Google, eBay, and the United Nations (which I’m pretty sure is in fact a company). All of those people will be in attendance… and I get to go! I’m really psyched, it should be a once in a lifetime opportunity to hang out with and learn from some of the most important people in our global society. And the best part: it’s very humanitarian, all about combining technology, art, economics, pretty much any discipline and seeing how we can shape our future in a peaceful, efficient, green way.

But anwyway, these two projects pretty much put this kid in recluse mode for the next two months. But don’t worry, I’ll be posting same as always.

To the future!

- E. I. F. P. B. Shababo, WS