We’re instead focusing on the music

September 13th, 2006

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Ah, it’s morning Ben!

The earliest section of the day. The time when the sun rises, and so do I! A perfect time to write you my 10th letter! I’ll drink one for you, pal. Not sure why, but woke up brimming with energy today. Almost walked to work, but couldn’t get my ducks lined up before hand. Where did my headphones go?? Where’s my iPod cable!?*

I pretty much never use my iPod, but maybe once I start walking to work I can. There’s a certain period where I think walking is the best. In the summer in Philly, just walking turns you into a gross sweaty mess, which I don’t wanna be. But in the fall, you somehow feel cleaner after walking outside! So, I’m looking forward to that. Gotta get some new music on my iPod. Or maybe I’ll work my way through all those radio dramas I downloaded. That’d be awesome. Catch up on my Meatball Fulton.

Doctor Excitement has been going pretty well. We had our first band meeting on Monday, and everybody’s pretty much on the same page. The biggest problem is that I can’t get in touch with the chick that’s building the suit, so I’m not holding my breath for that to be done by the time we have to play a show, so guess what we’re doing. Guess! We’re instead focusing on the music. Which is real weird, but I was playing guitar hero last night and it came very naturally to me so I’m not sweating it.

Nothing crazy happening here. We’re not all plugged into that New York Groove like you, Benny.


* Back when this happened, I figured the funniest thing we could have possibly said to the ghouls hiding in the blackness is: “Ahoy, do any of you chaps have an iPod charger?”