Tonight We Whoop!

September 15th, 2006

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We’ve gotten into a pretty good groove, The Meters style, every morning one of us posts, the next the other posts, on and on, beating like a drum, ticking like a time-bomb. But today, wha! What is going on? Do yourn [sic] eyes deceive you? No! An immediate response! Two in one day! It’s like Costco up in here with the bulk (yet quality) content we be throwin’ down!

So, Mr. Astronomy-Is-The-Pure-Virgin-Science-All-Innocent- And-Demure-And-Ripe, let’s play a little game of Did You Know This About Ben? One. Ben used to be all astronomy in high school… at one point I spent my time leafing through this ninety-dollar textbook, Modern Astrophysics, which I might add was not required reading. And believe you me, I understood the shit out of that shit. I even started college as Physics major, weird, huh? But yeah, Django! I’m listening to him right now and it’s making me want to listen to Nina Simone too. Maybe drink a glass of something red, turn off the lights, let that diffused grey day roll in, pretend the spattering drizzle is the hiss of a record needle. Oh shit. The song switched from “It Was So Beautiful? to “China Boy? and now I wanna grab my girl and do a rag or a trot or something. And that reminds me: Chinaman is NOT the preferred nomenclature! (Re: your last post)

Alright, you smug bastard, one more thing. As we all know, the Santa Fe passed on. And though I didn’t mention this to anyone, I have been looking at… at… other bikes, and well… chokes back a tear while smiling… I’ve found one! Charlie, Mom, Dad, I want you to meet the Raleigh Grand Sports, or as I call her The GS. I met her in Greenpoint where her last owner was moving on to “something better.? But as far as I’m concerned there is nothing better, nothing could ever top her. What’s that? Oh. Definitely. It was love at first sight. I saw her, then she me, and she rolled on over and said, “Ben Shababo you are mine whether you like it or not, let me hold you tight for all of time and I promise you’ll ne’er shed another tear.? Awestruck, I managed to mutter: “I’m yours, you enchanting succubus.? She’s everything I wanted and so you know - since we’ve had the variable gear v. fixed gear conversation - she’s a fixed gear (with break). I’m still getting used to it, so I’ll let you know my findings on the difference.

Call me when you get into NYC. I know I didn’t see you this week while I was in Philly, and yes, I love that our relationship is essentially zeros and ones, but I had come to El Ciudad De Brotherly Love to work in the rural solace of W. Philly, not to whoop it up with you and Guitar Hero. But I can only assume you are coming to NYC specifically for the purpose of whooping and I’m all standing here, poised on the starting line, tensely anticipating the fieldmaster’s gunshot, just itching to whoop. So hit me up.