September 26th, 2006

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Dr. E-

So I just came off a pretty sweet weekend: live music at my apartment w/ bbq, my first shoot in HD, an amazing night with H (it’s a total shame you guys haven’t met yet) which included meeting some peeps who have seen Tampopo and had just come from Minca Ramen Factory - which I may enjoy this evening - a photo shoot with a caterpillar, and concluded with singing songs about NYC from her rooftop (think Soul Coughing and that song TMBG covers titled simply New York City – originally by Cub), and finally a party for some people working on this short film I’m editing on Sunday, itself concluding with a bike ride with a “kinda interesting? photographer type. All in all I’d describe the weekend as… drunk (wine, beer, sake). I didn’t mean for that to happen, but I sorta just was drinking a lot, but it was nice… usually I’m not that realm of drunk where it’s more mental than phsycial and you don’t realize your behavior was a little uninhibited until the next morning, but this weekend that was me and it was great. You don’t feel sick or uncoordinated - although I did miss seeing a curb at some point and kinda just fell off it - and you think you’re serving up all the right sentences, but then the next morning hindsight snickers at you as you write in your diary, over analyzing why you thought saying “Yeah, I’m from Texas. I lived at Ranch Dorito,? would impress anyone.

Sorry, I didn’t make it down to Philly for you D.E.A.S.P. show; I assume it went well. I hope you framed it properly.