Glasses and a black t-shirt tucked into khakis

September 27th, 2006

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Ben, it’s no surprise,

I knew this would happen. You’d at some point fall into the New York Groove and stop hanging out with your real friends. Fine. You were quickly and easily replaced this weekend so whatevs. Just go to a nice bar in your overpopulated nuclear target and forget all about it. And don’t think it can’t happen. Just look how close we’ve come.

In other news, last night’s meeting for the O totally blew. There was an entire hour wasted because of a forgotten camera battery. Like, the whole point of the meeting was to record something with the camera and they didn’t bring a way to plug it in. So 20 minutes in the camera died, so we had to wait for an hour or so while they drove from West Philly to Germantown. So I stormed off and bought a neopolitan pack of Yuengling and just let everything get real smooth on the porch.

Then some hyper-nerd that lives downstairs came out and started talking about physics. He’s researching a way to check for breast cancer by shining lasers through compressed breasts and then measuring what wavelengths get through. I had a few pointers for him, since I do that every Friday, except for the “checking for breast cancer” part. He occasionally picked his cat up and threw it. He had glasses and a black t-shirt tucked into khakis. He knew a lot about beer.

Meh. It’s very Wednesday today. I sip coffee and check UPS to find out exactly where my copy of World War Z is. For some reason Underworld is playing. I pretend to read about SEO, but I’m really reading about zeppelins.