You can just sit there and sing Anything Goes in Chinese

September 29th, 2006

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Making the morning coffee here at The Office is totally instinct at this point. It’s great when that happens isn’t it? Like, a meaningless chore you don’t even have to think about anymore. You can just sit there and sing Anything Goes in Chinese and your body just goes through the motions. Pretty. Damn. Sweet.

And, since I started the coffee way before I started this post, I actually have a cup right here to drink! And I even bought a TastyKake (I think it’s one word) Koffee Kake Junior to go with my coffee. I’m LIVING man. And I’m also strolling down memory lane since I finally got around to putting my photo collection online. I’ll send you the link via our private line, since, should this letter get intercepted by the throng, they’ll be able to track me down and beat a path to my door. I also put a bunch of videos up.

The future! It’s gonna turn out just like it was in the movies. I remember when I saw Disclosure in secret when I was a kid, and I thought that a spinning e on my screen when I got an email would be when the future officially happened. Thinking back, that movie dated itself in about ten minutes. I mean, what was the big business deal they were doing about? A faster CDROM drive? Bitch, please! How much money could there be in the future for making slight improvements on my grandmother’s optical media of choice? Nice call, movie. I wipe my ass with CD-ROMs, if they’re LUCKY.

Meh. I guess I don’t have all that much to talk about. I’m gearing up to have to drive for about 72 straight hours this weekend. I’ve just gotta get through the first three really good cries, and then it’ll be smooth sailing. Crap, I’ve also gotta make a Yacht Rock playlist! I should have been fired dozens of times by now.