Drinkin’ The Sunlight Like Water

October 23rd, 2006

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You saw that brave ray of sunlight illuminate a dusty beam, and you clawed away at that pinprick hole until the walls crumbled, and alas you were set free! Your life is yours once again. I’m happy for you.

As for this guy, I have about twelve hours left until all my unwanted outside projects go away leaving me time to suckle at my own teat for once. It couldn’t have happened sooner since I’m moving this weekend. H’s roommate is apparently moving into a trailer with her boyfriend and I’ma gonna sublet her sweet room: wood floors, big, exposed brick, windows, privacy! Truth: I’m moving deeper into the ghetto, but it ain’t so bad and the building I’ll be in is sort of a post-college dorm for twentysomething artsy types which means I’ll probably be in fist fight after fist fight. But yeah, the basement has laundry machines, a cable room (sort of like a rec room, but it’s pretty much just about the TV), a ping-pong table, Pac-Man tabletop arcade guy, smelly gym (in which H and I have decided to create an obstacle course, sort of like when you (read: I) were a kid and you rearranged all the furniture and cushions and crap in the living room after watching American Gladiators every morning for a whole summer and would inevitably break a lamp or bone or something), and there’s also like a courtyard, impenetrable gate, twenty-four hour security guard (who predictably everyone sort of befriends as a novelty but it’s like still kinda sincere), and the final cherry on the multi-dimensional-time-travelling-no-sugar-low-carb-french cake is the huge roof deck with several grills and amazing viewing pleasure and just all around potential for anything from wild parties to restful suicide.

As a bonus I’m about to edit my first two spots. They’re spec spots which means they have about a one percent chance of actually going anywhere besides my reel, but you know what, you smug bastard, that’s just where I want ‘em.

And oh yeah, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Brooklyn. We were proud to service you.