Suddenly these speakeasies crawled out of the woodwork

November 3rd, 2006

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I spent last night fighting on the phone and then watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers to stay awake. That movie’s real scary. The creepiest part is that half homeless man half dog! Ew. Anyhow, if there’s a bad movie with Donald Sutherland in it, I haven’t seen it.

Something about this letter seems important. It seems… 50ish. That’s right, it’s our 50th letter! T fucking C dude. Who would have thought? And, incidentally, I just received word that today also marks the official day when comes back under the complete ownership of yours truly. It’s been in domain limbo since about 2002, whatever that means. I bought it right around that time when domains had just come out from under the merciless thumb of Internic, and suddenly third parties could act as registrars for domains. Suddenly these speakeasies crawled out of the woodwork with domains in their filthy trench coats and were like, “Hey, psst! HEY! You want a domain? I got what you need.” Anyhow, that’s who I bought flimshaw from, and they promptly went out of business and sold my domain to someone else. It went through many dry, well manicured hands until it ended up at a British company somehow (pip pip). Long story short, I haven’t been paying the bills, but the domain’s gone right on kicking, but I just reclaimed it. The fun never, ever stops. Not even for a second around here.

But back to this 50 thing, go us, you know? Who thought two sons of the same mother and a railroad tycoon and railroad bandit respectively could learn to read and write, nevermind read and write 50 whole letters to each other, nearly every weekday! Says something. Really does. Anyhow, I’m celebrating with 24 Tasty Kakes for $5, so don’t call me for a couple days.