sweetly scrumtrilescent astronauts sweetly sleep

November 7th, 2006

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Dude who’s totally buying that beard trimmer:

Yeah, that game sounds sweet. Reference to Exquisite Dead Guy, perchance? Or maybe a refrence from Exquisite Dead Guy. Sweet song. Good ol’ TMBG.

But, you know. As fun as your game sounds, I built a machine YEARS ago that did basically the same thing (see attached photo). Remember? Hang on, let me fire the ol’ girl up and see what kinda nonsense she can spit out.

mustard and slumbers or
sweetly scrumtrilescent astronauts sweetly sleep
submarine or gently brood
gently golden trident softly
dirigible but sanguine dirigible

Brilliant! I don’t know why humans even write poetry anymore. Any hunk of junk machine off the street can do it a million times better than us.

Also, yeah, I’ll play chess with you, but not on something called Yahoo!Chess. Sounds kinda… fruity. Go buy yourself a board and set it up. I’m white for obvious reasons. My first move: d4.