November 10th, 2006

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I’m fucking pumped, dude. I’m ready to tear the mother livin’ roof on this bitch… this bitch that is TODAY! Everything in my being tells me, “Ben, you’re a little delusional, but despite that, yes, today will rock socks and pants alike!? Don’t ask me what’s got me all rawled up [I’m creating words up in ‘ere!], don’t ask me if I’m on drugs or if maybe I just got some good sleep last night, ‘cause I’m not and I didn’t, I’ve had a goddamned stiff neck for two days now… doesn’t matter! Something’s a-brewin’ on planet Earth and I’m feelin’ tapped in [dig my beer metaphor!].

And don’t let me tell you you’ve never inspired me, ‘cause I’m sittin’ here shockin’ my system with a breakfast sammy so perfectly made: not too much cheese, the right amount of tomato, eggs sans grease, & cetera. Maybe I had something focused to write about today, but Lord knows I lost track of everything after this strange state of euphoria swept over me like God sweeps over the world on Pesach [Passover] to slaughter the first-born of man and beast or Santa on X-mas [Christmas] to distribute cheaply manufactured goods and broken dreams.

How about this, Charlie! My friend Sarah knows my friend Louis… these two friends of yrs trly were met in different cities at different times of my life. The closing of this circle is one of the coolest “It’s A Small World? moments in my life so far. Louis has a movie playing at some indie film fest tonight and Sarah’s all, “my friend has a film playing at an indie film fest tomorrow night [she said that yesterday so it checks out].” You guessed it… Louis’s! If my clients have to catch an early plane to Boston then I’m totally there… if not, I’ll meet up with them after the screening.

If at all possible, Charle, listen to Yo La Tengo today… that’s what I’m doing.

-Shababo (Nb8-c6)