Will these shitty, boring life forms just not come to life

November 13th, 2006

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I guess the big news today is that Australians have made an “air guitar shirt”. Right. You see this thing? The guy has his choice of three chords. That’s it. EXCELLENT job, Australia. I could build one of these for $20 in 30 minutes in my basement. I’m supposed to sit here and shit my pants because Crocodile DunDork made a super shitty version of what I’ve been working on for years.

ANYWAYS. That’s my bitterness quota filled, and it’s not even 10am yet! What a day this is gonna be. Got into work late because the fish filter completely stopped filtering. It’s been sputtering and it turns out it’s because algae had completely clogged it up. Jeez. Will these shitty, boring life forms just not come to life so that my fish can live? The weirdest thing being that when I pulled the tube thing out of the filter, a crab crawled out! It was Glass Joe, or Don Flamenco or whatever punch-out character we named him after. We’d thought he was a gonner after his big brother Soda Popinski bit it and took that long ride to the surface of the tank. The surface of the tank FOREVER. We called him that because he had this one HUGE claw and this one lame one. That was the other thing that came out of the filter. His huge claw is just floating around on the surface. How Glass Joe got into that filter and was just hanging around… I will never know. I guess there’s so much algae in there he’s probably eating better than anywhere else. God speed little doodle.

I give up,

P.S. I watched a movie called The Ninth Configuration last night. It’s not as good as this cover may lead you to believe. But, you know. I just told the guy at the video store to surprise me, so I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

P.P.S. pc2 c3