My brain is in shambles

November 15th, 2006

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So I spent last night scoping out possible locations for Wii purchase. I’ve officially bottomed out. I had a nightmare a few days ago. Know what it was? It was that the Wii wasn’t quite as good as I had anticipated. I woke up sobbing. Anyhow, when you do something stupid, you always look for someone doing something stupider so that you can feel better about yourself. I choose the three guys already standing outside of best buy LAST NIGHT for the PS3, which doesn’t come out until Friday. Wait, coffee!

Good ol’ coffee. God, I can’t believe I’m even going to send you this letter, it’s a mess. My brain is in shambles. I haven’t been sleeping well. I laid in bed last night for two hours trying to figure out how I would program Tetris from scratch. I couldn’t sleep because of it. I’ve always had a one track mind, and right now I’m sort of obsessed with three things simultaneously, and with equal fervor. It doesn’t give me any time to take it all in. Remember the summer? Easy-going. Casual.

No longer! I get to spend today just as I spent yesterday: revamping a site about a boot that increases blood flow to your leg if you have diabetes. It’s riddled with photos of ruined, open feet. Sometimes life is so….. nevermind.