I’m like Pavlov over here!

November 17th, 2006

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You haven’t listened to a word I’ve ever said have you?

I actually was thinking about you last night. I was laying in bed listening to the same MST3K episode I put on every night that lulls me to sleep almost instantly. I’m like Pavlov over here! I have two theories about why this works:

1) Like Pavlov’s wife, hearing the dinner bell while locked in her cage produced salivation, and excitement at the prospect of food, whether or not there actually was any food present.

2) Hearing dialogue you know so well means your sort of get un-stuck in time. Like, you know the punch line before the joke is finished, and then you mind picks up from there predicting what’s next, but your ears hear it at a steady pace, ripping your mind from your body and putting you to sleep.

I think I don’t agree with theory 1, so let’s go ahead and make 2 the Official Theory. Thanks.

So I’m laying there listening to that, but my self hypnosis keeps getting interrupted by dying cats outside. And I thought of you. So, I guess you remind me of dying cats. Or vice-versa. Emphasis on the vice.

And you haven’t listened to anything I’ve ever told you because, fucking duh, this is the Wiikend and I’m camping out outside of Best Buy to get it with all the other losers. Maybe I’ll film it and blog it! I was wondering today what the worst part of camping out in front of a store for a video game system would be, and I’m predicting that it will be the Hate in the eyes of all the people that walk by. Because I definitely had it for the guys camping out for PS3 a few days ago. I felt I was somehow different from them. Like, “Enjoy your PS3, knuckledragger, I’m opting for the more intellectual Nintendo Wii, but you know, enjoy Madden 2000-gazillion if that’s you’re thing.”

Over and out,
Charlie (d1e2)