I’m gonna have to get an ear patch

November 28th, 2006

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It’s almost silly how long it’s been. But you know how it is. I take my Thanksgiving’s up in Massachusetts. You know, where Thanksgiving was born? There’s definitely a get-off-my-coattails-rest-of-America feeling about that place. Maybe that’s why I’m thinking about moving back there.

But, I mean, the other reason I’ve been gone of course is because of the Wii, which I sold about ten of to family members who played it over Thanksgivs. Including my grandmother: highball in one hand, wiimote in the other, bowling but moving like she’s still playing tennis and somehow tricking the machine and getting strikes all the time. Then we moved onto Balderdash and the same old jokes were birthed again and again. Eventually, all the definitions of dates and people are connected to the “inventor of tampons”. My family gives thanks in a big way for the wrong things.

My big takeaway from the whole ordeal was that I woke up Sunday morning deaf in my right ear. Not kidding, I have no idea what happened. It’s like, you know how sometimes your ear will start ringing for maybe 30 seconds randomly? Well, it was like that, but it’s been going on for 48+ hours now. Took the day off yesterday and went to the ER to have it checked out. The guy gave me nasal spray. It’s my ear, dude! And also suggested a humidifier. Ugh. So, I still can’t hear out of my right except for a constant high-pitched tone and, if people are talking, the parents from Charlie Brown when they were on the phone. “wawa wa waaa wa?” And I know that all these memories will be tainted by this because it’s fucking with my perception. Everything is a little different, and I have no idea when my hearing is going to come back and neither did the doctor so I guess these will be my Deaf Days when I look back on them. I’m gonna have to get an ear patch.

:: the finger ::,