I’m An Asshole Too

December 1st, 2006

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So I did it! Seven movies in seven days (in theaters): On The Waterfront, Man With A Movie Camera, For Your Consideration, Volver, Rules of the Game, Slumming, and Two or Three Things I Know About Her. And you know what, I’m going for the full on month. Besides just being awesomely immersed in films, it’s sort of interesting to see how people behave at films. Coming in late, getting up in the middle, staying for credits… or not, and actually worst of all the first things people say when they exit a film. Ok, for example last night was Two or Three Things I Know About Her. First thing I heard upon leaving the theater: “This is one of my least favorite Godard films.? And people wonder why I tend to see movies alone. That is probably the least constructive thing to say. Talk about why the movie was made, what it was trying to do, how it did it, its efficacy… I don’t know, I just sort of have a sore spot for critics, specifically critics who are all judge and no lawyer. Whatevs, I’m an asshole too.

Anyway, the good news is I got to spend the morning watching footage of babies taking baths - which is what I like to call sexdorable – as a byproduct of my job. I’m sure you’re literally eating your heart out. The most disturbing thing about it isn’t the naked baby per se, but the fact that parents have some compulsion to tape their kids’ baths. Why? What is that about? Maybe it’s because I came from a family that doesn’t have one photo album (and it’s better that way), but I don’t see the use. Even worse, there is more than one bathtime committed to tape! Like every time they give little Trevor or Bryant or Dakota a bath they whip out the camera. Someone please explain.

This weekend: take a risk.

-Shababo (Bf8-d6)