What Are You Trying To Pull, Lady?

December 6th, 2006

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Charlie Homeslice-

My maybe new band had its first practice last night which I guess, to be honest, was pretty horrible. Not because we were particularly shitty, but because one floor above us in the same apartment a guitar ensemble ripped through some sick jazz standards and all we could do was compare ourselves to them. I write “maybe new band� because we’re sort of just throwing this together for a show in a week and a half… I don’t foresee anything beyond that. Our sound sort of has an inbred-hodgepodge weirdness to it since the instrumentation (guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, drums (me!)) doesn’t really fit the songwriting. But oh well, we’re just some kids having fun.

Clients. Fucking clients, Charles. How are they so stupid? I’ve got one dude who wants to revise a spot, but the changes he’s requesting were already made before we finished the job, another dude want to keep recutting the spots trying to force it to be something they didn’t shoot for… grrr…

…holy crap! We just got in some reels for prospective editors… this one girl… just out of school, we pop it in… first spot… a spot we edited! Her whole reel is full of spots that have aired yet she’s just out of college. BUSTED! That made my day. A glimpse into someone’s desperation, her cunning plan, and seeing it totally backfire in her face. Why does that make me happy?

-Shababo (Bc8-e6)
post scriptum: This is why I didn’t post yesterday.