Piping hot ex-mas lights

December 7th, 2006

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What’s your middle name anyways? I seriously have no idea. And how long have we been writing to each other? I’ll tell ya, I’m sorry. I feel like a heel. Is it Marvin? That’d be a good middle name for you.

Anyhow, me and my fam hung the Christmas lights in the living room, trailing like fairy dust from the painting we got from the abandoned house next door into the front window for all who are not blind to see. Ms. Cookie is putting on quite a show across the street, and our house looked positively Jewish next to hers, and we can’t have that! (I’ve got nothing against Jews, btw. It’s just the first word that comes to mind when I think of “opposite of Christmas”.)

Anyhow, my big worry was that the piping hot ex-mas lights near the TV would confuse my wiimote, but, go ahead and exhale and let your hot breath carry your fears away, because my wiimote’s working just fine, despite the fact that B slammed it into S’s eyeball last time she was playing tennis. Somehow, no matter how she starts out, she ends up with her arm stretched out behind her as far as it will go just spinning the wiimote like she’s juicing an orange in space. Her brain connects to her limbs down a windy rainbow road.

In other news, it’s 1:35pm and I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Just muffins. And I ran out of cream so I’m using powdered creamer like a savage. Like some kind of fucking wild animal.

-C (g2-g3)