May I Borrow A Cup Of Internet?

December 8th, 2006

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Don’t be surprised if this letter never gets to you… the Internet is dead! No web, no mail, no chats… just me and my job, mano a mano, staring each other in our gruesome, spiteful faces. You see, my life is all about distractions - it has to be, otherwise that latent cynicism which bides its time pickling in my gastrointestinal fluids will bubble up into my brain and manifest itself as hatred, sarcasm, and job-quittery - and without the Internet, I’ve got reality here giving me a big ol’ hug, but not like a girlfriend hug, more like a grandfather who’s sort of over-ripe, stubbly, slightly confused, and desperate for contact with his youthful grandkids hug. And I’m sure you can imagine me lightly patting his back, avoiding his near-death musk, and sending a grimace over his shoulder to my mom which suggests “just ask for the money and let’s get out of this strange old person apartment building (The Golden Slipper).?

Ahh, you know what… I’ll look at the bright side. Without distractions I can pretend to do all those things I put on those lists I never read: write film script, learn Flash, become mentally stable, & cetera.

So last night around 1:00 am, H and I (I is the usual pronoun referring to moi, not an abbreviation for like Inez or Isaac or… do I even know anyone with an I-name?) started developing a game. It’s based on lying and improv story telling and is actually gonna be pretty cool. We have the basic idea down, but the hardest part is creating the gameplay and sort of paring it down so it’s easy to learn and there aren’t any bugs. I’d tell you more, but ya know, I’m pretty positive my letters are intercepted by any number of agents, all trying to get a sip of my amazing brain juice and steal my ideas. Here’s a red-herring for ya, assholes who intercept my letters to Charlie: a game in which all players must pick a relative and a means of death and write those on a piece of paper and then like the other players pick them out of a pile and try and match the person to cause of death… loser has to get the American flag tattooed onto his/her face, preferably by the other players… game must include needle (not sterile) and red/white/blue ink.

Alright, hopefully you’ll receive this before the end of the day. And so you know, it’s been a pretty crazy two weeks for this guy and I’m only now getting my bearings back. Oh yeah! I’ll definitely be in Boston for the week of the 18th. Let me know when I should make my return flight for so you can show me around Beantown.

-Shababo (Ng8-e7)

P.S. I’m upstairs at an online/effects house we work with using their internet to get this to you… that’s how dedicated I am.