Your salty tears floating up and away

December 12th, 2006

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Consider yesterday’s ball dropped. By me. Charlie. Totally didn’t write you anything about my thoughts, my daily struggles (and snuggles!). It must have been a bit like being on the ISS and your Russian counterpart is passed out drunk and you’re supposed to be asleep too, but the voices are keeping you up, so all you can do is look out the window and stare God’s vast emptiness right in its horrifying, glorious face, your salty tears floating up and away.

My weekend? Oh, it was cool, thanks for NOT asking, dickweed. Lots of soldering. Lots of Wii tennis. Some drinks. Some laughs. Some tears. Gotta say, this winter’s really having a tough time getting its pants on. What was it, like, 70 degrees on Saturday? I sat outside in the sunshine playing rummy with C and her South Philly friends. I’ll tell you, once people move down there, they might as well go to Pluto (too soon!) am I right? It’s like another planet. I mean, it’s not that those people are that different from us, but it’s more like they’re bizarro. S and I went to a party there once. Everyone’s conversations were a little askew. Their punchlines not quite the ones we’d have chosen. I can’t think of any way to describe it, but I feel like I read a Goosebumps once that had a similar story arc, if you can even call it that.

Also, I had to go through my files and find a copy of my old lease, and there were many old forgotten polaroids in there that made my heart feel nostalgia.


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