Rose Colored Glasses

December 22nd, 2006

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Today equals Andre the Giant’s arm as it reaches down and pulls Princess Buttercup out of the water merely seconds before a shrieking eel closes its jaws around her fair, beautiful face.

So the time has come.  Everyone’s left work but yrs truly.  (Me?  I’m just biding my time writing mine’s truly until a rendezvous in about an hour.)  Ahead of me is a week off; and trust me, it’s been well deserved.  I’ma gonna start off by heading back down to Philly tomorrow, so if you’re around we should meet up and record that song you wrote me about earlier today (not via this correspondence).  I also want to see my little niece; she’s seriously some sort of supragenius… I got her The Best of Sesame Street Old School (1969-74) DVD box set.  Hopefully she’ll like it more than The Electric Company box set I got her for her birthday.  I’ll tell you right now, nothing makes you feel more worthless then trying to give a little kid a present and having her totally not like it and then sort of resent you for it.  Huge bummer.

The rest of the week I plan on watching as many movies as possible and hopefully getting a solid chunk of writing done.  My goal is to shoot a few scenes, not necessarily related, but I want them to feel like maybe they were pulled out of a larger film.  It’s sort of an exercise.  Pick some plot point from a would-be film and just shoot that… ya know, just get my production chops back in order… been dealing in post exclusively (almost) for about a year now.

Oh shit!  If I come back to Philly I gotta get someone to feed the cats.  Speaking of which, Squid and I have bonded.  When I lay my hands on her she stretches out like a furry, feline sausage and gorges herself on belly rubbing.  Then to top of the cuteness she sort of nuzzles her face into my neck and spoons my arm as I lay in bed watching Mr. Show.  I’m just about done season three, and I will go on record saying it’s up there with Monty Python and UCB.  Smart comedy is so, so hard to find.  Did I mention yet that I’m taking an improv class at the UCB Theater starting just after the New Year.  Come up and see my class’s performance in March.  Please.

Back in action.

-Shababo (make a move, would ya!)