What’s Zildjian mean?

January 12th, 2007

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Ben, Ben the magical fruit,

Ah Ben, you live. It’s good to know that. I slept easier last night just knowing it. Looking up at the WalMart Starscape that’s projected on my ceiling. “He’s out there somewhere,” I thought to myself, “he’s in here too,” and I touched my heart, and it glowed.

Apparently S is having some surf rock band “friends of friends” stay with us tonight. I forgot until this morning, and then the first thing I thought was, “I’d better clean up!” But if they’re a for reals band, they’re used to climbing out of driers and dumpsters and electric stoves in the mornings, so the fact that I’m behind on my dusting shouldn’t really bother them, should it? Still, I’m embarrassed.

I’m really not that old, and I think maybe these people are older than I am? Still they’re gonna come in and I’m gonna act like it’s no big deal, and then I’ll throw them a bone and be like, “Drums, huh? How loud do those things get, anyways? What’s Zildjian mean? Is that, like, Latin for ROCK?” I totally act like someone’s Dad when new people come in. I have to let them know that I’m not a narc, and in doing so, prove beyond a doubt that I am. I’m hoping I don’t bring up the air guitar, but what if someone does? And I have to show them this inadequate prototype? I should just lock myself in my room.

After a couple brief days of honest-to-god winter temperatures, we’re heading straight into a weekend near 60. In January. Earth was a nice place while it lasted. Will your ancestors be Eloi or Morlocks, do you think?