a shiny, candy-like button that says “writing” on it

January 24th, 2007

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I love snow. I mean, there’s a perfect amount. It’s like a looping alpha channel layer on a flash movie, the snow is so peaceful and perfect. Soft like the face of a lover. White like the face of a lover. Cold like the face of a lover.

=== hours and hours and hours ===

So, now it’s tomorrow. It’s not snowing, it’s grey and Philadelphian. But that’s alright. I’m just gonna fill my stolen Silk City mug with coffee and get going here. Get things rollin’. Yep.

I had a dream last night that my family was taking a trip to Singapore. I think it’s because I was listening to Rain Dogs yesterday. Anyhow, in my dream, I immediately thought of how cool it would be to write you a letter on the hotel stationary! Incidentally, I don’t know if I ever told you this, but hotel stationary is awesome. Or at least it was. When I bought my record collection from that old couple for $50, they didn’t know that in those milk crates of Zappa was also a box with I guess their parents love letters to each other (Sterling and Harriet) from between 1900 and 1904! Old handwriting is beautiful, but utterly illegible as you know, so I just took all the letters and shalacked them to my dining room table. That’s what romance is to me. I eat off of it!

But there was also a little envelope filled with clipped-off logos from hotel and business letterhead. I guess that was Sterling’s hobby, and these things are seriously sweet. Epic! Perhaps I’ll xerox some of them and include them in my next letter (something for you to look forward to, as if from the grimy window of the prison bus which is your life). I stole one from the New York writers guild or some such for the logo for my inter-net magazine [now defunct]. It’s a quill slicing a sword in two! Now it would just be a shiny, candy-like button that says “writing” on it.

I think Nikola Tesla’s letterhead was probably my favorite though. Just a few of his inventions rendered in full detail, and a giant lightning tower in the middle, underneath it in block letters shouting “RETURN TO TESLA” [see attached photo - not quite the one I’m talking about but close]. Maybe I should make myself some letterhead! I’m not a poor man. I have access to a copy machine and color laser printer at work. Why am I sending you letters with coffee stains all over them? Like a fucking wild animal?

Charlie (g1f3)