Perks and Possibilities

January 25th, 2007

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I don’t know how it came to be, but in filmmaking there’s a ton of amenities.  I guess the combination of money and egos.  Anyway, so we get free fancy lunch everyday, snacks, comfortable workspaces, massages, etc.  But some places, like the telecine house I’m at right now, really take it to the next level.  In the bathroom they have Halls cough drops, mints, mouthwash, normal stuff like that, but then, what!? woah!?  Are those toothbrushes?  And toothpaste.  And deoderant.  I mean, this is some next level client services stuff.  I was sort of weirded out because there’s shaving gel, but no razors.  I guess next time I’ll have to bring my own.

Dude, definitely make yourself some letterhead.  I was working on a design myself for my private thoughts.  You know the things I can’t send to you, the deepest, darkest.  I figured I’d be more likely to let it all out if I had a really personalized letterhead.

I might be coming down to Philly on Sunday, if I don’t go to Texas to visit my sister.  Michal (other sister) and I were gonna take a last minute trip down there on Sunday, but it looks like there aren’t any flights that accommodate a brother and sister looking to quickly move about the country.  Sorry, not too much going on today.  Check out Joanna Newsom if you can, great music.  Bonobo too.  Woot on.

Oh yeah, I’m becoming obsessed with MIDI and the idea of learning Max/MSP/Jitter and just seeing what the possibilities are.  We should work on some sort of multimedia installation.  Maybe another party?  What do you think?

-Ben (thinking)