Just A Note

February 9th, 2007

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If I told you things I did before / Told you how I used to be / Would you go along with someone like me / If you knew my story word for word / Had all of my history / Would you go along with someone like me / And we don’t care about the young folks / Talkin’ ‘bout the young style / And we don’t care about the old folks / Talkin’ ‘bout the old style too / And we don’t care about our own faults / Talkin’ ‘bout our own style / All we care about is talking / Talking only me and you.

Sorry I haven’t been writing you much recently. I’ve got a lot on my plate, and I’m like super hungry. As for your metaphor, I’m going with the ignoring the sounds one. People just resign at some point. I don’t understand it. Anyway, looks things are a really picking up for you and me, good sir. Cheers, to the future. More to come later. Sorry again about my absence; I have a really great opportunity in my hands and I want to try my best not to waste it. I’ll be in touch, honey.