I’ve got a mini— nay, micro hangover

February 12th, 2007

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It’s just enough that you drop a line every now and again. I don’t want to nag, you know.

Yeah, things ARE picking up. I got over my feelings, and I think they were just a precursor to feeling totally pumped and awesome. Suddenly, many, many things are happening. God damn it’s an exciting time. If Morpheus is right and all.

I was just sitting here reading about atomic weapons. The Russians had by far the biggest one at 50 megatons (detonated at half capacity, they say they could have done 100). The frickin’ thing put out 1% of the power of the Sun. They called it the Tsar Bomb. Oh Russia! I preferred you as America’s sworn enemy. Forcing us to get smarter and better. We were adversaries, but very much the same. We both wanted the same things, and so our competition was productive. The Cold War was a beautiful dance, Russia. There we were, late into the night, hoisting each other up the science ladder.


I’ve got coffee and I don’t want it. Probably because of the PBR last night while we were doing business. I’ve got a mini— nay, micro hangover. The only noticeable effects are preferring water to all other beverages. Which isn’t so bad considering.

Everyday, I get everything I want.