Slow and Steady

February 21st, 2007

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The sun is shining, there’s snow on the ground… Spring is here!  I’m back on The GS and it’s like we were never apart.  The love is strong, true, eternal; although due to the melty sludge coating my fair city, she needs a bath.  But what I’m really trying to say is coffee.  David Lynch, TMBG, you, me… all the greats love coffee’s eye-twitching, physically addictive, bittersweet, mmm-mmm goodness.

Per the purchasing of Starch-cart or whatever the shit it is you spend your time drooling over:  I can’t really relate.  There are only a handful of video games that I’ve been interested in.  Tekken (Tag through 5), MarioKart (Super and 64), and… ummm… Echo the Dolphin maybe?  That game was beautiful.  I mean, it’s every adolescent boy’s dream to be a sleek, adventurous dolphin on a mission to rescue his family.   Is that what that game was about?  In my mind it was uberrealistic, like there were no enemies or anything.  Just a game where you’re a dolphin and swim around the ocean.  That’s it.  Brilliant.  But what I’m really trying to say is I’d love to come to your LAN party.  Not because I’m a loser like everyone else there, but because I enjoy things analogous or congruous to a gay orgy.  Not because I’m gay, but because I enjoy Classical culture.  Not because I’m an arrogant intellectual, but because those stories, that mythology is the basis for our contemporary systems of thinking.  Not because they’re right or absolute, but because, well, Charlie, that’s just the way it is.  Just the way it fucking is.

“Be my head, and I’ll be yours.?

Oh yeah, I’m really getting into improv at the UCB.  I went to Harold Night last night, which is when teams of 6-8 people perform a long form improv called the Harold.  It’s truly amazing.  Last night the team Beverly Hills ripped it up.  A good Harold involves so much listening and remembering and playing out of themes and connections and it has this awesome structure that moves from specific to general, so it starts of with just like people doing short little sentences or quick little two person scenes based off a suggestion, then moves to bigger, longer scenes that build of the shorter ones, culminating in a final scene which hopefully ties everything together, all the characters, themes, etc.  Man, when that happens successfully it’s so fucking rewarding (and I’m just talking as an audience member… I can only imagine it’s a huge high on stage to pull off a good Harold.).

-Shababo (should we start the chess game where we left off?)