Musically I’m the same as ever

February 22nd, 2007

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If there’s any other band I want to listen to more than The Kinks right now, I don’t know about them. Thus, I listen to The Kinks pretty much 24/7. Particularly Supersonic Rocket Ship, which I play over and over and over again when I’m driving to and from the bank with giant donation checks tied to the roof of my car. J/k about the donation part. My projects are unsupported.

P came over last night, since we were all revved up to make a mix cd. Since we made Tang, we’ve been talking about making a Tang: B-Sides, since a mere two cd’s of outer space songs was not enough, and we cut a whole lot of material to make it fit and flow like a dreamy river of distilled starlight. So, I bought a 30 pack and some smokes and we got down to business. By that I mean, we just stared at each other, played a few seconds of a few songs, and then just about gave up. What’s wrong? We couldn’t collaborate. The first one like, wrote itself, I was so into it. It wasn’t even like, it was hard, I just started and then immediately felt drained and uninspired. Why is this I wonder? Have P and I grown apart? Certainly, but is that the only cause?

I’ve find my interests polarizing a lot over the past couple years. I was very much into all different sorts of art going into college. These days, I don’t want to look at photos, and I never ever see movies. Musically I’m the same as ever, basically finding one or two CDs for a two month period and devouring them, then moving on. But making music is something I only want to do now in theory. In practice, I sit down and have no feckin’ idea what I’m supposed to be doing.

Not that I’m even real worried about it, but it’s clear that certain interests I used to have are dying or dead, and that’s interesting. Should I be trying to force interests on myself outside of the narrow sphere that draw all my attention, or should I follow my desires and focus on just a couple things? I’ve always hated specialization, and now I’m getting drawn into it. Strange huh?

The end,