Put Out

February 23rd, 2007

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To Whom It May Concern (Charlie!) –

A Tear For Eddie
by Ween is why guitars were invented. And here’s a Fun Fact, Chuck: one who makes or repairs a guitar, or any string-ed instrument, is known as a luthier. Apparently the geniuses at Microsoft (ha!) have never heard of one. Hmmm… I wonder what Apple would use to signify a misspelled word or incorrect grammar? Surely they wouldn’t choose the offensively unappealing red/green zig-zag. I owe my first-rate spelling skillz solely to my hate of that notation. And hey, while I’m writing to you about language, check out m-w.com’s word of the day. Or better yet don’t, I’ll tell you what it is: panic. Good luck wrapping your mind around that little vocabularial gem. Februrary 23, 2007, I apologize to you on behalf of both Merriam and Webster. Moving on.

God! Fucking hell! I’ll shoot autoformat in its fat, eager face. Always ready to pounce on any chance that I might be making a list or writing a letter or goddamn hell, these fuckers leave no room for style. None! Maybe I don’t want to indent for every point on my list. Fuck! I just tried to disable it and it completely destroyed the formatting of my whole document. Sorry if I’m a little pissy today, it’s just that I’m frustrated after a happening last night. Not going to get into the whole thing, but basically the lesson is that people won’t even do what’s good for them even if you try and force it upon them. Basically, a client wanted us to fix some emergency that popped up… not a big deal. But we’re like, if that’s that a problem, then aren’t these two other things problems? The response: no. Apparently, she’s getting a ‘no’ from her account people, and I’m sure they’re real knowledgeable in video technology. So I go to fix the problem and even take the other two problems with me, anticipating a follow up call saying that yes, those in fact are problems as well. Well, I get back to Bug and no phone call. But luckily (sarcastic), at 6:30, when I’m just about to walk out the door… a call! Guess what, those two tapes needed to be fixed as well. Surprise! Didn’t see that coming. No way we could have avoided that! Anyway, I encounter more fuck ups trying to fix these two and in the end don’t get home until late. So then I got drunk.

My thoughts on specialization versus generalization in regards to skill sets:  I think it’s great to be able to work on a lot of different types of projects, but at the same time, I think it’s best to focus on a particular field so you can actually achieve some level of expertise, but at the same time, look for analogy between that skill and other skills. Take what you learn and apply it elsewhere… things tend to share structure and method… or at least I interpret the world in such a way. Also, a craft is always a good thing to master because it’s form based, then you can fill it with any content that’s interesting you at the time. You can sort of play both sides of general and specific, which is totes awesome.

-Ben (I guess the game is aborted…)