She doesn’t have a name yet

March 12th, 2007

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Seriously Ben,

I feel crazy. Daylight savings time is here again, and earlier than ever this year. I feel light-headed. The sun and earth look strange. I feel like I could fly off the handle at any second. My stomach’s churning, and I can’t drink enough water. Anyhow, it’s weird. Like, it should only be 8:30 right now. But it’s not. It’s 9:30 somehow, and I’m already at work even though the sun isn’t where it should be. So, yeah. I feel semi-drunk, but that’s not possible. Maybe I’m getting sick.

Or, maybe it’s my body going into complete shock after a sudden exercise injection. That’s right, I bought a bicycle! She doesn’t have a name yet, but things are moving pretty quickly, so I’m sure she’ll tell me soon. Yesterday, I wired a generator up to her back wheel that for now just powers a light at the front, but more can be done. It generates more power than it needs right now, so the excess gets stored in a battery pack mounted on the frame. So now I need some speakers on there somewhere. The trick with bicycles is that, you know, you’ve got to make everything you do unstealable, or at least try. Seems like security through obscurity is the name of the game here. Where can I hide speakers on a bicycle? Anyhow, I’ll attach a photo in my next letter. My camera battery was dead this morning. Like my brain.