Look At Us… Ridin’ Along

March 13th, 2007

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Couldn’t be happier to hear you’re on the bike, sir.  And though I’m into the minimal aesthetic of the track bike, I do appreciate your nerd mods to the little lady.  They’re Green mods too.  Al would be proud.  Me and the ol’ lady just went through some hard times actually.  We’d just gotten back in the swing of things, what with the nice whether and all, but within a week and a half our rekindling… three flats!  I know!  Unacceptable.  Apparently she’d picked up a small piece of glass, unnoticeable to the human eye but disruptive enough to continually blow tubes.  I did the only thing I could, Charlie; I replaced her back tire with a Specialized Armadillo.  Two layers of Kevlar to help me navigate the treacherous backcountry of Bushwick’s Broadway Ave.  It’s true, with the rugged design comes a bumpier ride, which is logical, but we’ll deal with it, ‘cause you see, Charlie, me and her, we’re travelers, we’re seekers, we’re road warriors and exploration excites us.  It’s in our blood and our Kevlar.  In fact, we’re probably going to participate in the Five Borough Bike Club’s Montauk Centry.  A one hundred mile bike ride through Long Island.  There’s nothing like a long, physically challenging trip to bring two people (shhh… or things) closer together… I don’t think that’s ever backfired.

So know how we’re probably taking off work for a week before the Party to make sure everything kicks the appropriate amount of patootie?  We’ll I’m thinking maybe I’ll take the week after off too and head out to other parts of God’s Land (America).  You interested?  So far my possible destinations are Kansas, Texas, Cali (San Fran), and Monument Valley (Four Corners-y).  If we plan now we could get a sweet deal I bet.  Let me know.