The Bliss Taco

March 28th, 2007

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Please excuse the extended nature of the delay before this letter. New York’s sapphire lights and easy company were such a strong roborant that I found it difficult to breath or even lift my arms for the past couple days. J/K! I can lift ‘em. I had a great time, though. So much drinking and subways and brunch. And cheap, cheap sunglasses! Man, you guys must go through like six pairs a week or something. Like socks.

Okay, you got me. I only own one pair of socks.

Listening to the Doobies. Drinking coffee. Taking it smooth. It’s these kinda days when I wish we both just owned some company somewhere, maybe in a warehouse where we had roof access. Today’s the kinda day we’d sit on the roof and drink beers and smoke cigarettes and, I dunno, make money? Somehow? I guess we would have ideas and people would buy them, which seems totally reasonable. Like my idea about wrapping a cheesesteak in a slice of Lorenzo’s. I’m still in between names for this thing. I’m leaning towards The Bliss Taco.

I had a long conversation with J about this whole moving to Boston idea I’ve been having lately. Many life decisions seem like they’re coming to a head in the next few weeks. Still haven’t heard from MIT, so everyday when I come home I dart around looking for the mail only to find medical bills for our neighbor and our one millionth Chinese food menu. How every menu is our one millionth menu is anybody’s guess.