making the spicy live magic

April 2nd, 2007

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Gentle, stupid Ben:

Of COURSE dinosaurs are real! Sheesh, didn’t you see Jurassic Park?? They have a sweet tooth for lawyers and other disposable characters. I thought you liked documentaries.

My weekend was a little more business, a little less culture, you know? We spoke recently of my nerdly weekend of programming and Tab. Of making the spicy live magic that will augment your painstakingly perfected magic. In some ways the garnish, in some ways the main course. You know what I mean don’t you? You always seem to. BUT, I have enclosed a surprise. I actually spent Saturday learning a thing or two about Flash, since J.A. says the ladies go ape for Flash programmers. I decided to try to recreate something I had actual experience with. To try and make something emotionally potent, and mentally baffling. I came up with this (see enclosed floppy disk – might take a second to load). It’s pretty close to a dream I had. Every night. Forever.

I get paid today, it’s going to be 72 and sunny, and I have 3 bevs sitting here. Coffee for my mind, Orangina for my mouth, and water for my heart. I’m listening to Nat King Cole. Sometimes, days just start off on the right foot.