A group of jerks sees a car window

April 5th, 2007

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We are not off to a good start here. I mean we could have been. My morning actually started off very well in the beginning. A brave new day, leaving work early to head back to Boston for Eastah [sic] . Then I get outside and some whore, some fucking SLUT has smashed my drivers side window and taken… NOTHING! I guess they just did it for fun. I think breaking into cars is the jerk equivalent of jumping up and hitting signs and awnings as you walk down the street with your friends. A group of jerks sees a car window, and they just break it because, you know, they’re out having a good time. No reason not to.

So, Sue (my car) is down at the shop now and I was supposed to leave work today at like noon to drive home, but my mechanic says he’s not sure when he can get it done. I may have to drive the 330 miles home with clear plastic on my window. This is a distinct possibility.

In fact, I just called a glass place to see if they had the window in stock. Turns out, my car is a “classic” and so they can’t get it. That’s flattering and all, but woo doggies is this ride to Boston going to blow. AAND I might hear from MIT today, which has potential to either uplift my spirits, or nail them securely into the cold, dark ground. Where they no doubt belong.

Oh, and my favorite puppy committed suicide.

Well, okay not really.