putting the wipers on even though it wasn’t raining

April 10th, 2007

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Sheesh. Glad to hear you kept your cool. Philadelphia’s full of crazies too, but unfortunately they generally drop into shoot-mode rather than stab-mode since I guess they just give everyone guns when they turn sixteen around here. I went to a shooting range once with some friends (I didn’t shoot though, never shot a gun before) and the scariest part was that, at the door, you had to declare any hand guns you were carrying. Everyone was carrying. LP explained it to me. Apparently Pennsylvania is a “may” state, not a “must” state, or some shit like that. It means that the burden of proof is on the state rather than the person. So if I filled out an application tomorrow requesting a concealed weapon permit, unless the state can give me a compelling reason why I, specifically, shouldn’t have one, they have to let me carry my pearl handled derringer in my garter belt. Nobody can take that away from me. Not in these united states of freedom.

So, I didn’t get into MIT. Apparently they only let in 10% of their applicant pool, so that puts me up against the worlds best and brightest (read: the Japanese). So, after hearing the news on the road back to Boston, probably in Connecticut, and listening to Nico for a while and putting the wipers on even though it wasn’t raining, I am alright. Clearly, I will have to step it up several notches. Take out all the stops.

I’m looking at those new Mac Pro 8-core fuckin’ monsters. Eight processors. That is ridic, no? I could afford one if I lived in squalor for the next several months, and if my car stops requiring my financial affections. I have pretty much gotten to the checkout area ten times already only to chicken out at the last minute. I’m still trying to find someone that lives in Delaware so I can avoid Philadelphia’s gaudy 7% sales tax (about $300 extra on the one I’d get). Still no luck though, which pretty much proves my theory that Delaware is a myth.

Yours in Christ,