a horrible grinding noise

April 12th, 2007

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Rain! And lots of it, that’s what’s going on today. Pouring this morning, woke me right up.

So, I picked my car up after work yesterday, having installed solid gold brakes. I have noticed her stopping much better, and this morning Wild Wild Life came on, and she was able to actually dance her way to a stop light. Before, pressing the brake made a horrible grinding noise, and then, almost as an afterthought, slightly slowed the car’s forward momentum. This is no longer so!

Coffee is good.

So, I know I was supposed to call you last night about PartyParty and our bright future in general. Sorry. I think I’m in more of a pessimistic mood right now, what with the constant automotive expenditures and the icy rainy cold Philadelphia spring and the MIT unpleasantness. It has been a lousy ten days, old friend. Hopefully my spirits will rebound presently for our film making escapades this weekend. I’ll have to get into my character as an ultra-sensitive scientist who drinks Tab and doesn’t like to take risks, which probably doesn’t even count as acting.