Cats have a lot to learn.

April 16th, 2007

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Friggin’ what the hell, Ben?

Is there anything worse than the weather right now? I slept at P’s house last night, and God, the sounds… the sounds from outside were apocalyptic. Sirens every 45 minutes, her window rattling like a box of children’s bones, always threatening to break and throw shards of glass into us. Temperature indoors was maybe 34 degrees. Her cats were going ape, and one of them would jump onto my face every now and then and hiss, like maybe I was the cause of the bedlam outside. Like maybe hissing would do something about it. Cats have a lot to learn. And I’m not one to teach by example, know what I mean?

I’m seeing The Books play tonight in the sanctuary, which I’ve never been to. I wonder what they’re gonna be like live. It’d be cool if they walked on stage with a briefcase full of cassettes and just turned them on one by one.

It was good to see you this weekend. Our brunch on Sunday was particularly awesome. Bloody Marys to-go? What a country!