Just Some Stuff

April 18th, 2007

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I actually just started listening to The Books. Heard them first on David Byrne’s monthly playlist… and coincidentally, I just turned it on and guess who’s playing. Are you privy to this “radio station?” Dave whips up a playlist once a month and streams it from his website, each month with a different theme. I think last month was all Scandinavian music which I’ve always loved, especially Jaga Jazzist. This month is Vox Humana. Interesting use of the human voice. There’s some nice stuff by Philip Glass called Knee Play which you may have heard. It’s quintessential Philip Glass: repetitive, staccato, changing time signatures. Also featured this month: Captain Beefheart, Miho Hatori, Brian Eno, an two awesome songs by Greg Hale Jones, and uhh… Talking Heads (Seen or Not Seen).

Dave understands… there’s an art to the playlist.

You know what else there’s an art to? Being a crazy cab driver. I and I were on our way back to my place and our cabby made some joke early on in the journey and I (not me) patted him on the arm. He said it made his night to be touched by a girl, even just a tap on the arm, but then he said he was old enough to be her father so it’s not likely that it’ll go any further between the two of them. I threw in that the age difference makes it all the better. Oh, it was a hearty laugh we shared, I and I and the dirty, dirty cabby. A moment later when I was about to tell I about a dream I had, the cabby stopped me. Don’t tell people about your dreams he said, they might be from Satan. From there we ended up receiving a sermon about Islam for the duration of the ride which included highlights about the evilness of gay people. Sure, gay people are pretty much all evil from what I can tell, but religious people are all hypocrites because according to this guy pedophilia is funny and worth thinking about, and it’s my understanding most religions frown upon it. He also made us pick up four French travelers on a corner in Brooklyn, so with I on my lap, he finished our fare and then took the Frenchies on their way which I’ll tell you is not usual cab protocol.

I apologize for the somewhat rushed letter, work is moderately busy and every free moment is hopefully filled with preparing the party. I’m sure you understand.