April 23rd, 2007

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See ya later, Seasonal Affected Disorder! Hello, beautiful weather and less modest clothing. Am I right? Am I right, Charlie? Thank you.

So here’s a tip: don’t quote the movie Election when you’re out with a girl you’re dating and any members of her family. The line I’m referring to is “Her pussy gets so wet!? Have you seen Election? It’s right near the beginning of the movie. I’d venture to call it classic. I forget exactly what the conversation was about, but I felt compelled to bring up that quote, and as you well know, when one quotes something they don’t preface it with any warning, they just let ‘er rip and that’s sort of the fun, seeing if people will catch the reference. Well, in this case, that didn’t happen for either of the other parties. In fact, both didn’t realize I was quoting anything at all, they thought I was talking about the only pussy in the group and needless to say, were shocked and appalled. It must have seemed so bizarre to them, like why did he just say scream that for no reason, since the line in the movie is really emphasized. (When would you ever say that without emphasizing it, right?) It took a minute to clear up the confusion and I’m not sure if her brother has yet to recover. He’s pretty protective of her and definitely gives her little scoldings whenever she brings up her own sexuality, so I imagine this was pretty hard for him to deal with. Even when I explained myself it was too late, her pussy was already in the conversation.

Personally, I thought the whole exchange was hilarious, but then again I don’t have any little sisters to be protective of.

Oh yeah, laying down the video tracks for the party is going way smoother and faster than anticipated. I’m going to update the video content spreadsheet this morning so you can see where I’m at. Also talked to Steve and Brendan. Brendan’s probably going to come up next weekend and I’ll record his VO using the equipment at work and then maybe we’ll push the next shoot until the weekend after next. Let me know what you think.