the difference between my aluminum monster and the cat she loved

April 25th, 2007

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Finding the rhgit key is fifficult tight mow. Wait… okay, I was about 2 centimeters right of where I usually am. I just found my mark. I’m ready, Alex. Hilarious jokes for 10 fucking grand.

It was an almost perfect morning, Ben. I slept at PZ’s place after drinking beers with PD in my back yard. I woke up and she’d made me coffee, no sugar. And there were slices of pound cake. I ironed my shirt and drank coffee. So nice. Then she found out that one of her cats was missing, so that was kind of a downer (and incidentally when I looked at my barren wrist and said, “I’m gonna be late for work”). While I was bicycling down Spring Garden, with cherry blossoms and magnolias drifting past, I started to wonder what I would do if her cat never came back. What could I say or do to take away the pain of that loss? My first idea was build a robot that jumps on your face at random points during the night scratching and growling softly, but she’s more sensitive than I in many ways, and would certainly be able to tell the difference between my aluminum monster and the cat she loved.

I am a dog person, Ben. We both knew that.

In other news, my allergies are in the larval stage. I’m like the guy in Alien eating dinner and everything seems OK, no idea of what is growing inside me. How can someone who likes plants so much have such violent reactions to their reproductive cycle? I open this topic to you. Last night as I tossed and turned trying to somehow locate an angle at which my nasal passages would open wide and true, I thought about caving and taking some anti-histamines, which historically make me sit bolt upright at about 2am every night and generally just augment my consciousness. In that 3/4 asleep state, I started pledging not to medicate for allergies at all. Thinking, “My body will know what to do. I’m just confusing it by suppressing its natural instincts.” Now I’m awake and alert, and I’m remembering how my body dances, and I think far less of its ability to govern itself with wisdom and grace.

Yours always,