flashes of lighting in the waxing morn

April 27th, 2007

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Dear Ben,

I awoke today at about 6:40 to the sound of thunderclaps and flashes of lighting in the waxing morn. It was sort of magic-houry since the sun was at such a low angle, and the clouds so thick. I was still 60% asleep, but I still counted, as I always do, the seconds between a flash of lightning and its thunder (1 mile for every five seconds). I also wondered about the window that was open in the kitchen for a minute, and if the rain would come in and hit the DSL modem and kill the internet, but then I heard someone close it. Probably a neighbor.

It’s amazing how different a rainstorm can feel. Like, a few weeks ago it was freezing rain, and my mood became apocalyptic, but today it’s more like nostalgia and hope, you know? It feels more like a fresh spring dew out there. Yet it’s all the same water. Different temperatures, maybe. Different times of year. Am I saying anything? I’m not even sure.

Yesterday I started thinking about opening an online store, as a way to motivate me to build pretty, useful things. Things that touch your imagination in places it’s not entirely comfortable with. Also, we’d make t-shirts. More on this later.