White Rabbit

May 2nd, 2007

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What luck! I check in on David Byrne’s streaming radio station to see what the theme is this month, and I find that it’s Nino Rota. What is Nino Rota you ask? You’re so simple, Charles… not what is Nino Rota, but who is Nino Rota. Well, I’ll tell you. The man behind Fellini’s soundtracks. If you’re not familiar, know that the theme song for Curb Your Enthusiasm is very much an homage/rip-off of his music. As far as work music goes, Rota’s music is much more appropriate than last month’s theme: Vox Humana, which incorporated some pretty weird shit, like Captain Beefheart. Good, but not work music good. Unfortunately, all of the pleasing, organ-heavy music is undercut by the construction on the new elevator. Apparently, installing a new elevator involves lots of sawing through metal and what sounds like gunfire and chanting. It also smells like an electrical fire.

But the new month brings more than a fresh playlist to David Byrne Radio, it also brings White Rabbit, a game a few of my friends and I play in which the winner is the first one to communicate the words “white rabbit? (in that order) to one or more of the other players each month. The game has been quietly played for a few years now, and the truth is, until May 2007, yours truly has never won. In fact, when I texted the passphrase at 12:30 am on the 1st it turned out the others were practically unaware I considered myself part of the game. I also found out that texting isn’t a full win because one could simply ignore the message, anticipating its important payload. A real win involves verbal transmission, preferably delivered in surprise fashion, like when JM snuck into PB’s house whilst he slept to gently shake him half awake and in a breathy whisper infiltrate his dreams with “white rabbit.?

Also: Took my first cab ride with a stranger last night due to heavy rain and low cab availability.