secretly crazy about Rubik’s Cubes

May 3rd, 2007

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I bought some half and half today for my coffee. It expires on June 2nd.

I like that white rabbit story. You’re even more interesting than I first thought. Than I first feared.

So let me tell you something about American culture you probably didn’t know: it is secretly crazy about Rubik’s Cubes. I really don’t know what sparked my interest in them. It was sort of inexplicable, I just suddenly wanted one. Two other friends of mine have confirmed similar feelings. On a whim, I stopped in a Toys R Us to pick one up, but they were sold out. I could have anticipated them just not carrying them at all, but sold out? Of Rubik’s Cubes?

So, then I called some other stores in the Philadelphia area. Not only was every single one sold out, but the people I got on the phone answered the question like, “God, will this constant barrage of requests for Rubik’s Cubes never end!?” I don’t understand it. Did they release something in the water? Did America quietly, privately decide that it was going to buy a Rubik’s Cube? Sneak into the bathroom at work and twist away? Why isn’t anybody talking about this?

So I caved and bought two on Amazon– one for me and one for the missus– since there aren’t any available for miles around Philadelphia. Last night we sat up late in bed cubing. It’s a good life. And interesting.