a paint color called “wet concrete”

May 7th, 2007

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Hey Ben,

Wasn’t it funny when we parted ways abruptly on Sunday because that crack head that calls me Archie was heading our way? We sort of just were like, “yeah, see ya” and scattered to make way for the insane. Funny how that happens. Last night there was a police helicopter circling around and around, shining a search light on this tree two blocks west of my street. I looked out my window thinking, “Can’t helicopters hover? Isn’t that kind of the point?” That was all I was curious about. Every chopper’s light drifts right past my bedroom window, that’s when I pretend I’m in Blade Runner. Well…. one of the times.

My Sunday after you left was a straight up calm delight. I ironed shirts and worked on memory techniques and then took a bubble bath and Rubik’s Cubed for like 2 hours. Bliss.

As a side note, I just got the go-ahead to write some application that will let people design and preview signage in a variety of colors and fonts online before ordering. It’s going to require the complete Benjamin Moore color palette. A cursory search revealed that have a paint color called “wet concrete”. I think that’s funny.